Data Confidentiality


We use Barcode tracker to manage and track information at every stage of the process – from profile creation to sample collection, processing and reporting. The system not only allows privileged based access and audit trails for information storage, but also enables delinking of personal information.


It takes trust to build a relationship and we value your trust in us. At Cosmogene Genetics, the protection and security of your information is our priority. To this end, we have enforced strict security measures to ensure confidentiality of personal information, samples, and reports.

  • Profile creation: All the information you give us including details in the questionnaire are automatically captured and stored in Barcode tracker. A barcode ID is generated for your profile that is used throughout the process.
  • Logistics: The sample collection package will be sent to you and our tie-ups with logistics service providers ensure that your sample is safely transported to our collection centre.
  • Sample collection: A barcode is generated for your sample at the collection centre to delink personal information and protect your privacy. The samples are then sent to our lab for further processing. We use your samples only for the analyses mentioned in the agreement. Barcode tracker tracks the chain of custody throughout.
  • Sample processing: Throughout the processing, personnel only have access to the barcode ID. Calculations are performed by the system based on your entries in the questionnaire and analysis of sample results. Results are directly parsed into Barcode tracker without any manual entry. This assures information accuracy and security.
  • Reporting: All reports are machine generated. Throughout the process, no personnel can access your report or tamper with it. Your reports are password protected to make sure no one can access them, except those people with whom you share the reports. Information backup: We periodically backup our system to prevent loss of information. The backup content is stored in a secure manner.
  • Information usage: With your consent, the delinked data including results from the questionnaire and genetic information generated from sample processing will be part of our research database. This will help you serve the Indian community better and contribute to health science.
  • Our business is built on your trust and we guarantee confidentiality of your personal information.